Ruby Slipper for Royal Doulton Street Art


New and old. Old and new. They go together like …. well, Ruby Slipper and Royal Doulton. In today’s special collaboration editorial, Ruby Slipper curate a series of images that celebrate the happy blend of tradition and new art – between Royal Doulton’s history and the graffiti street art of London. We’re plate-smashingly happy (I am a cheeky Greek-i, after all) to have teamed up with Royal Doulton to showcase their limited-edition range – Street Art by Pure Evil and Nick Walker.

We’re also GIVING AWAY a special set of four limited-edition Royal Doulton Street Art plates to a lucky Ruby Slipper subscriber…. find details on entering at the bottom of this special blog. We hope you love it – and the delicious Charlie Buckett meringues we’ve used to highlight the luminescence of the porcelain artworks pictured.



Pictured : Street Art Pure Evil Set of Four Plates, Street Art Pure Evil Marilyn Marlenedali, Street Art Pure Evil In The Pillory.


I first took note of the Street Art collection when driving to the Ruby Slipper studio through Richmond, where a large poster of Pure Evil’s design ‘JFK’s Nightmare’ presented as a teaser to the collection launch. A bit Warhol, a bit Heath Ledger as the Joker.


Who better than living art installation Digi-Dame Kate Iselin to take a sip from the JFK’s Nightmare mug, wearing her graphic-art inspired shirtdress from Romance Was Born? Note: Decorative plates suitable for wall-hanging from the Street Art collection come replete with limited-edition certificates of authenticity.



Charlie Buckett meringues in bespoke flavours such as Vodka and Lime (blue), Cinnamon (orange) and Pistachio (green) adorn Pure Evil’s Marilyn Marlenedali plate.


Why so …. serious? Icons reinterpreted by Pure Evil for Royal Doulton.


JFK’s Nightmare: An exploration of the nightmarish quality of celebrity worship with a touch of Simpsons fanboy art. How so? Jackie’s hair here is ‘Marge Simpson blue’ – a nod to the maiden name Bouvier shared by both ladies.


Pure Evil’s East End Tagger (left) and Bunny Fingers. These are part of the four-plate set we’re giving away to a lucky Ruby Slipper reader! (Details at bottom of blog post.)


The colorful meringues featured in today’s blog post come courtesy of this dapper chap – Ashley Glasic, head sugar-spinner at new meringue and cookie bakery Charlie Buckett. Jewel-like in an in array of flavour just begging for a champagne chaser, Charlie Buckett treats could be good as a thankyou to a sweet friend or client. Get a sweet fix on Instagram too – they’re at @charlie_buckett.



Limited-edition Pure Evil plate Marilyn Marlenedali : Marlene Dietrich is mixed with Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist painter, who both share the same haughty and arrogant look. On the left, a very young Marilyn Monroe looking up at the camera.


Ashley AKA Charlie Buckett with his elegantly-boxed treats – like kisses or seashells. Bespoke flavours include : roasted coconut (white), cinnamon (orange), pistachio & rose (green), vodka lime (blue), blackcurrant (purple), raspberry (pink), manuka honey (yellow), chocolate (brown), strawberry (red). Just like say in the movies …. ‘The strawberries taste like strawberries… the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!”



Left: Royal Doulton Street Art Pure Evil Neon Butterfly with Vodka Lime meringue.


Wearing : Vintage ‘Ossiteralia’ Waratah t-shirt, Witchery skirt, Saltwater sandals, Big Hair

ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN SET OF ROYAL DOULTON STREET ART ‘PURE EVIL’ PLATES! Go in the competition to get your hands on these babies (valued at $99.95) by simply:

1. Being a subscriber to the Ruby Slipper blog (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘subscribe’ button. We check these things, so no sneakiness!)

2. Email with the subject line ‘Pure Evil’ and tell us how you’d use these four exclusive Royal Doulton designer collab plates in your home. Would you eat from them, display treats on them, or pop them on the wall? Be creative – it’s a game of skill!

3. For EXTRA good karma, follow Ruby Slipper on Facebook OR follow Ruby Slipper on Instagram @iolantherubyslipper

Good luck! Winner will be announced on the Ruby Slipper Facebook page on Wednesday 19th of March, 2014.


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