Bebop, beehives and big band. All things dear to my heart – which is why I’m particularly proud to be working with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on their new #MSOPops series of concerts for 2014. As the grand-daughter of a violinist for the MSO, it seems a particularly happy collaboration. So let’s talk symphonies. And pop.

When was the last time you experienced the grand excitement that is an orchestra of finely-tuned virtuosos, working together like a softly sighing ocean of sound? Not recently, I’ll warrant (you devils). Why not enjoy a different take on the famous MSO experience by popping along to their #MSOPops series – which offers a seriously hep-cat program of jazz greats and broadway tunes to make your heart sing like Maria’s? Additionally, by purchasing your ticket to the first concert or series you’ll be going in the draw to WIN A HOLIDAY TO JAZZ HAVEN NEW ORLEANS. #hotjazz #witches #creolegumbo

MSO0400 Pops1_Poster001 500x500px (2)
Get out your glad-rags and dress for the occasion of a concert at The Arts Centre with your friends or lov-ahs. Imagine yourself as a bebop honey with a beehive, or in a circle-skirt like a neo-Grace Kelly. The first in the series is A Journey Through Jazz: From Louis Armstrong to Herbie Hancock featuring famous trumpeter virtuoso James Morrison (inset above). Be taken on a journey from Dixieland to Bop to Birdland. #treatyoself and nab some tix, as this concert kicks off the #MSOPops series on the 8th and 9th of March. Single tickets range from $25 – $139; series subscription from $108-$330. Or buy up and purchase the whole series (three concerts) for a discounted subscription rate.
Me? I love bebop, acid jazz and sweet soul of the kind being played at #MSOPops. Raised on a steady diet of vinyl including Etta James, Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin and Dave Brubeck, the sheer bad-assedness of this music can’t be underestimated. Listening to this music should ideally be done LOUD in naughty jeans, fast high heels one cause serious mischief in and big, BIG beehive hair.

It’s even cooler to listen to bebop and jazz with your team of bad-to-the-bone dames. You dig?

MSO0400 Pops2_Poster001 500x500px
The second concert in the series features hubba-hubba-burnin’-love musical theatre icon Teddy Tahu Rhodes, who will bring his theatrical skills to Teddy Tahu Rhodes on Broadway, singing showtune favorites from Oklahoma, Les Miserables (oh, Javert!) and South Pacific (swoon).

The last in the series is American Panorama: Bernstein, Gershwin, Williams & Brubeck which features category-shattering trio Time for Three. I’m hugely looking forward to this event, as they will be performing a concerto written for them by Chris Brubeck (son of jazz legend Dave Brubeck), which combines classical elements with jazz, bluegrass and more. #takefive, alright!

When I was thinking of imagery to match my collaboration with #MSOPops, I mused on listening to sweet soul and hot jazz, pouty insouciance, truancy and escaping greying retro schoolyards, smoking covertly while ducking raindrops. How did I go?
MSO0400 Pops3_Poster003 500x500px

Time for Three trio.


Don’t kill my vibe, Sir. I’m jut listening to some Hancock waiting for class to start.

French Quarter Corner Balcony
Need additional inspiration to encourage you to come to the #MSOPops series 2014? Why, how’s about a ticket to New Orleans? Get witchy, get jazzy, get gumbo, get hawt and ENTER TO WIN YOUR TRIP HERE! Purchase a  ticket to A Journey Through Jazz or a series subscription and go in the draw.

See you … (and your beehive) there, cats.