Today I’d like to talk about something close to my heart. Glazed doughnuts. It’s a topic I am sure that you’re probably pretty enthusiastic about, too. Eating a delicious glazed doughnut, artisanal fresh from an emporium like Doughboys Doughnuts in West Melbourne (hand-dipped, schmancy flavours and matched with fine coffee) is quite frankly an occasion to dress up for. Which is exactly what I did.

First things first – what makeup might best suit a blazing hot day and a glazin’ delicious doughnut? Bourjois makeup (my favorite pharmacy-brand) sent me a selection of their new cosmetics collection to try, including a juicy-glazed lipstick product called Shine Edition in ‘Oh My Doll’ – a baby pink. This soft, balm-like lipstick reminded me a great deal of Chanel’s Coco Shine – at a much less luxurious price-point. I also tried out Bourjois’ Blush Exclusif product, which provides a ‘made-to-measure’ bespoke pink powered by pH reactive elements. As a fan of strong colored blush, this product was a little light for me. It is a cream-blush which can be applied with fingers, going a light ‘Barbie’ or lollipop-pink on my olive skintone. This kind of multi-use product would be nice for casual weekend-away wear when you can’t be bothered bringing the whole kit.
Makeup – done. Hair? Check. Dress? A favorite retro-number from my sweet American Aunt Daina. This dress was made just for her some years ago, and I was mightily excited to received a surprise package all the way from the USA with this happy summer gown which fits me like a glove. Inter-generational, international fashion transfer. Thankyou Daina! >3
I’m all dressed up with doughnut to go. Yes sirree, it’s doughnut time! Doughboys Doughnuts capitalise on Melbourne’s fascination with all things decadent, fried and Americana. And I’m totally for that, particularly when it comes in the form of an Earl Grey infused glazed doughnut topped with berries. Doughboys Donuts is located opposite the Victoria Markets, sharing an airy atrium space with Fancy Hank’s BBQ by day.
I visited Doughboys Doughnuts on a searingly hot morning when the atrium was bright with sun and not very cool – but I imagine this would be a beautiful place to enjoy some sticky bbq ribs with friends of a late autumn evening. PS – I hear there is a salted caramel thickshake made with Messina icecream on the menu.

Wearing : Vintage dress, Saltwater Sandals, Bourjois makeup, Marc Jacobs watch.


Yes sir. You too can look this sassy when fuelled by delicious doughnutty morsels, Melbourne sunshine and a LOT of hairspray. What’s your favorite Americana-foods joint at the moment? Do you like nouveau-chic interpretations of American classics, or do you prefer Hard Rock Cafe/Misty’s Diner when it comes to indulging your palate for kitsch? Have a wonderful week, all!