Entering Docklands Studios for the official launch of VAMFF  last night, there was drama, drama, DRAMA in the air. As should be the case with the launch of Australia’s largest (and newly rebranded) fashion festival. The cavernous and moodily dark film studio space was divided by a gleaming arthouse runway with ‘bucket’ seating, and expectations (in addition to what I assume were pina coladas) were thick in the air.

Virgin Australia now enjoys the naming-rights to the prestigious Victorian festival, and I look forward to seeing what stamp they’ll put on a festival so strongly associated with L’Oreal. Will there be interstate flights bringing new consumers to our runways? How will the wider community (outside of the fashion milieu) become better involved with the festival event?

Bloggers in their festive best: Leeyong from Style Wilderness and Lisa Teh of Couturing


Graeme Lewsey launched VAMFF along with stakeholders, describing how 2014’s monicker of ‘See. Feel. React.’ would present a more interactive festival encouraging retail than ever before.

After the hanger entered a brief respite of darkness infused by fragrance (will a signature scent be associated with VAMFF runways to come?), a brief runway highlighting what I assume to be David Jones’ labels took centre stage.

Launch over, cocktails in cute jugs and networking a-gogo.


A beautiful sunset to take advantage of in my rose-gold peplum.