Golden Oldies


When I was a teenager, dancing around the forests of the Dandenong Ranges in an array of pre-raphaelite themed gowns, my accessory of choice was silver. Silver hoop earring, silver amulets with fairies on them, old turquoise pieces set in white metal inherited from my Baba. There was nary a touch of golden hardware to be found. Today, all that has changed. I love gold – rose gold, tickytacky yellow gold (in measure), burnished bronze gold. In both accessories and clothes it can’t be beat. Today it’s all about golden oldies to glimmer in the sunlight.


Wearing: Rather wonderful Asos gold hardware heels, Obus leather skirt, Gorman shirt, Samantha Wills ring, Sportsgirl iPhone4 cover (my old faithful ‘there’s more to life than reading books’ cover finally died whilst undergoing the rigors of the Queenscliff Music Festival).


What did the teenage you absolutely refuse to wear? Is there a style that you’ve embraced as your fashion sensibility has changed or matured?




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