This week Halloween happened. For someone who likes camp celebrations (read : Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Eurovision), I just can’t get excited about Halloween. I can’t say it’s because it is American and we’re Australian (after all, everyone knows we’ve got no uniform culture ……… RIIIIIGHT???) – maybe it’s because I’m saving my costume ideas up for the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead with the flower wreathed ‘catrinas’ and leery skeletons seems to balance morbid with joyful in the right, adult amount. So yes – let’s just say I’m saving it up my enthusiasm for another dress-up event.

In any event – on Halloween I thought to ‘dress up’ and mimic my favorite creative director, Grace Coddington. Fiery locks, I have not – but volume – I have plenty! I am convinced that having one’s hair appear in the room before oneself is a good thing. So here’s my ‘Editrix’ for Halloween – casting a critical eye over your work, pointing a pen like a scythe and touting glasses like no-ones business.


Samantha Wills ‘Alabama Skies’ ring. Manicure featuring Mecca Cosmetica ‘Camilla’ and OPI ‘007’.



Wearing: Django & Juliette suede shoes, Cotton On boyfriend jeans, Seed Heritage blazer.


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