Prints Charming


Nothing makes me happy quite like an extravagant pattern that tells a story. Also, tea and cakes. They make me happy in equal measure. When I discovered this amazing wedgewood-porcelain print bomber jacket (at a certain discount outlet that shall remain nameless) I felt that all my print-tastic Christmases had come at once.


The terrific thing about an unusual print garment is that you can pair it with a little black dress or classic pair of palazzo pants to re-invigorate your wardrobe. Me – i’m not into little black dresses or plain anything, really – and I love the mash of color that print-on-print gives. Here, I’ve paired my porcelain jacket with a Venezia patterned shirtdress from Leona Edmiston and navy blue Vivienne Westwood/Melissa flats.


This strolling codger made it into my accessories shoot by proxy. Lucky bugger.



One thought

  1. All things Venetian are actually a perfect match with the painted blue and white Wedgewood style which itself was copied from the Chinese, and of course passionately pursued in the ‘Chinoiserie’ style of the l8thC in England and western Europe.

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