Oh, Rocky!


What an odd week. Odd weather – raining angrily, then beatific sunshine – and odd adventures, too. This week I’ve been to a Monday morning runway, attended the strangest media launch to date at the Comedy Theatre, made two batches of caramel corn and given my studio-mates diabetes, done a happy dance that my peach tree is laden with fruit buds for the first time in five years, had the opportunity to see former PM Julia Gillard speak plus I’ve received confirmation that Ruby Slipper will be covering the fabulous Queenscliff Music Festival next month. And that’s just in the last five days. Whatever next?


Monday night I trotted along to an unusual thing – a media launch for a musical. It was for the upcoming April tour of the Rocky Horror Show, starring Craig McLachlan as Frank N. Furter. Since the Dr Blake Mysteries, Craig has gone up in the esteem of many fine ladies I know – one of whom I invited along as my unwitting guest to this launch. I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from the night. Would it be improv with cringeworthy crowd interaction? Would it be a few prominent songs from the music done in style?

 Here I am at the Comedy Theatre, in gumboots as torrential rain was promised that night.


So Craig McLachlan WAS featured in the media launch – here he is performing ‘Sweet Transvestite’. I have the feeling that this launch was a bit of a last minute thing – coinciding with a series of TV spots and print media for ticket sales. I anticipated seeing a few numbers from the show with some color, costume and a sense of theatricality to share with you in beautiful images. Alas, there was no high heel/fishnet combo to be enjoyed on McLachlan or the supporting cast – excluding the young actor playing Rocky who stripped down to a pair of gold hotpants. McLachlan is an eminently genial host and I am sure he will make a fine Transylvanian transvestite – but in the case of Rocky Horror, costumes and campness go a long way. I look forward to seeing more costumes and campness in April when the show comes to Melbourne. You can book tickets and find out more about the 40th anniversary production of the show by clicking here.


The Rocky Horror cast doing a little time-warping.


On another note, here’s one of our office dogs – Benson. At the studio there are three small dogs – Benson is the tiniest of the lot and probably the most neurotic. He is sitting relatively still here as I duped him with chips and imposed a selfie on him.

caramel corn

This. Make this. Just be careful of the hard bits of corn that don’t always pop. Click here for the recipe, and you’ll be as delighted as the Ruby Slipper studio peeps were to hoover it down.

Happy weekend, team.


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