What I’ve Been Up To….


Have you noticed that it’s light very early in the mornings? I am now waking up at 6-ish (which is very early for me). The upside of this is the opportunity for a crisp early morning run – of which I must do a little more – or the chance for a coffee in bed and a browse through a stack of magazines. Springtime breakfasts also need to be different – I’ve struck upon a chia almond porridge recipe that fits that bill and is full of good things, too. Here’s the recipe – it’s more of a mixture than anything. PS – these images are all taken from my Instagram feed – find me at @iolantherubyslipper 😀


2 cups of oats

Half a cup of chia seeds

Half a cup of flaked almonds

3 cups almond milk (or dairy milk or soy milk)

1 cup Greek yogurt

Berries and sweetener of your choice

Method: Place all dry ingredients in a bowl. Pour over two cups of the milk and mix to combine, before refrigerating overnight. In the morning, sir through the final cup of milk and yogurt. Pop a serve into a bowl, put some extra yogurt on top and then add your berries and honey or maple syrup. Enjoy!


Talking about running and health, I went in the recent Yarra Valley Grape Run with my good friend Sarah. I was suffering from a bad, bad case of hayfever –  but am pleased to say I still made it around the course (which was essentially a horse-racing track. I know, I was expecting grape vines too!). Afterwards we went to Lilydale – which is becoming quite fashionable – and enjoyed brunch at The Lilydale General , which is a cafe that has a Gertrude Street vibe in the middle of an industrial estate. Replete with striped awnings and a killer vanilla slice. This place was incongruous with its surroundings, but very good.


After running must come …. pizza! I have mastered the ability to use yeast and knead dough! Sometimes Mr Ruby Slipper and I make pizzas and nutella-filled calzones on the weekend. Each batch gets better – in my latest effort I experimented with garlic prawns. Have you had a crack at making pizzas at home?


I like a long drive. I went up to country Victoria to visit family and friends on the weekend, and was welcomed by brilliant yellow fields of canola topped with a rainbow. Blissy. Everything slows down when you go to the country.


Chin Chin! Nothing’s as good as a catchup with special blogger mates. Here’s Leeyong from StyleWilderness and I at fabulous Greek restaurant Gazi. Go, book, eat a souvlaki. And check out the lighting in the bathroom, too. Read all about our dinner here.


Have you ever visited the State Library of Victoria’s domed reading room? I worked there this week, quietly beavering away amongst hordes of VCE cuties and retirees. A magical space, and a good place to spend a few hours.

I hope you’re having a busy week, and that further adventure awaits you.


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