You Grik? Ruby Slipper @ Gazi


Last week, I had the pleasure of organising a get-together with my nearest and dearest blogger colleagues. It was time for us to chew the fat (literally and figuratively!) about the recent spate of festivals (local and international, fashion and culture) that many of us have recently covered. Inspired by a recent lip-smacking afternoon at Jimmy Grants, I contacted George Calombaris’ team who kindly hosted our rowdy group of hungry-bellied bloggers in style at Gazi (located in the space that the elegant Press Club formerly took). Here are some casual snaps taken in their beautifully-imagined dining space, replete with a rolling, wave-like ceiling of terracotta pots. A very modern take on ol’skool Greek taverna dining. Opa!



Left: My favorite Grumpy Cat Leeyong from Style Wilderness, as ever colorful and regal. Right: Spinach dips to start and the girls from Couturing with technology we can’t get enough of.


Saganaki, anyone? (Read : molten cheese with sticky fruit and nuts)


Two beauties who have lots to celebrate (apart from being top birds)!  Left: Sarah Kempson from Sarah’s Style Emporium who has just re-booted her website in chic style, and newly engaged Cheryl from Business Chic.


Souvlaki for everyone! Yes, there’s chips in that.


Left: Freshly returned from New York Fashion Week is our dear Cecylia. Lisa from Couturing rocking some serious Balenciaga hardware.


Eggplant, backgammon and a dose of PR magic from Kyra Pybus and Shiva ‘The Count’ Singham.


Left: Also freshly returned from The Big Apple is darling Dasha Gold of Trendspotter fame. Right: Pork on yo’ fork.


Meringue surprise! Cracking open a sweetly decorated meringue shell, we discovered cool icecreams and mousse delights with nuts. I went suitably nuts for this special dessert.


Thankyou to team Gazi whose casual, welcoming and eminently professional service made a special blogger’s reconnaissance a particularly delectable night to remember for all. xxox

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