Ruby Slipper @ MSFW Designer Runway 4


Well, MSFW is over for another year. It’s taken me almost a full week to catch my breath and bring you the highlights of MSFW Designer Runway 4.  I really enjoyed MSFW 2013 – it had an inclusive, excitable kind of energy about it – due in some part to the beautiful Hub in City Square. A real diversity of people (including quite a few dapper chaps) visited The Hub, which showcased an array of designers and department stores over the week-or-so of the festival. The free Vittoria coffee was also quite a plus, I must say. MSFW Designer Runway 4 was certainly the most relaxed of the runways I viewed – featuring streetwear and casual basics. Nothing too eye-raising, but a few standout patterns and accessories (like this wonderful hat from above.).


Easy shapes with fun details from Melbourne’s Gorman – a must for hip gals-about-town. As always, leopard print plays a part.


Honor Among Thieves‘ sportluxe look is quickly growing on me! I love this white jumper with its Terry Pratchett-meets-Assassin’s Creed motif.


Dungarees, peekaboo dresses and flat-tops. The 90’s are back at Honor Among Thieves.


Kings of Carnaby – sleek style for the fellas. Mad Max leather patchwork for the ladies.


More Kings of Carnaby – but in the casual mode. Backpacks are in too, dontchaknow.


Best on runway (in my humble opinion) was Carly Hunter, with a fresh take on knitwear (with peekaboo waistline), pom-pom fun earrings and….


… an amazing 1940’s aviatrix print! This, this I loved! Like Bladerunner in a t-shirt.



Dusky silks and texture from Bul.


A real winner for racing season, these floppy maxi-hats from above. will be on many ladies’ DIY fashion to-do-lists. Gorgeous!

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