Ruby Slipper @ MSFW Student Runway 2


MSFW‘s Student Designer Runways are at the energetic heart of Melbourne’s showcase of designer talent. Two runways capture the work of emerging artisans before their leap into the commercial fashion market – and their mini-collections are uninhibited expressions of exuberant creative vision. In many cases exaggerated, fantastical and dreamy – the runways are filled with the work of students from RMIT, Whitehouse, Kangan and Box Hill Tafe. In our coverage today, we highlight the most extraordinary pieces from Student Runway 2.


Make Art Not War. Experimenting with the sock and booties look as it was such an unseasonable warm evening!


Fuzzy focus but fashionable, Leeyong from Style Wilderness wore an amazing, multi-tiered maxi in floral. It was Manila-fabuloso, matched with tassel earrings. All customised by the lady herself.


Volume and structure were embraced by the students – I loved this upside-down fuschia/teapot dress. It reminded me of something from Gormenghast.




Evil queens also seemed to feature heavily. Valkyrie head-dress anyone?



The fashion for fellas was a stand-out – proportion and drape for both these pieces look almost streetwear ready (for the right kind of bloke!)


Game of Thrones? This dress had it all – studs, leather, lace, corsetry, pointy shoulderpads, millinery.


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