Ruby Slipper @ The People’s Market


Last weekend was a precursor to Spring, and Melbourne’s hipsters thronged through Fitzroy, Collingwood and Carlton in search of drip filter coffee, avocado smash and The People’s Market. Held onsite as part of a marketing exercise for a new Stanley Street development called Oxley Apartments, this particular pop-up edition of The People’s Market was more a crafty taster and a promotion for the developer than what you’d earnestly call a market.


The venue was thronging, and crowds were ushered upstairs past a pop-up Proud Mary coffee station and some rather lovely floral arrangements to a fully decked-out display suite for the Oxley Apartments. As a veteran of Melbourne’s real estate scene, I take no issue with display suites – and this is a canny PR collab between a popular market event and a developer’s comms team. I wasn’t so sold on the fact that I had to walk through the display suite to access to market, however. An either/or option for display suite attendance might have been good.


The market itself was more a few stalls, with interesting looking items including decorative accessories and even a Mexican food stall, in addition to a bar and a DJ.


What’s a market without a Dude Food Man, after all?  I look forward to checking out The People’s Market in full flight when it next takes place. Over and out.


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