You know that zeitgeisty feeling you get in your chest? The buzz that’s palpable when you know you’re part of something new, something quite different – when the air crackles with sheer, strange fabulousness? That was the sensation that washed over me at indie-popup arts-gastronomy-cocktail event The Baron’s Palate in Fitzroy. Conceptualized by curator and blogger Vicki Finkelstein of The Finkelstein Files (left), The Baron’s Palate is a three night (and one afternoon) adventure into undiscovered art and high-end culinary delight.


Held in an airy warehouse off Kerr Street in Fitzroy, The Baron’s Palette is unlike any other pop-up event. So much so that it’s hard to explain exactly WHAT it is. It reminded me of the party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – you know, the one where there’s extravagantly dressed ladies, matrons and gentlemen, young whippersnappers ready for trouble, cool tunes and plenty of drinks? The Baron’s Palate is part social event, part gallery, part sexy restaurant. I was delighted to meet and chat with lots of new people – the crowd were truly diverse with a huge age range present. Standing among fish-bowl laden macrame, carefully installed objets d’art, a West Winds gin cocktail station (cute cocktail with gingery gin and berries, below right) and a giant-sized paella pan, the crowd milled and engaged with one another in an utterly free, truly ‘Melbourne’ kind of way.


Congrats to The Baron’s Palate visionary Vicki (with moi, above left) on pulling off such a fabulous new kind of thing. You’ve got two more opportunities to be part of the adventure that is The Baron’s Palate – tonight the 19th of July and tomorrow. Click here to book.


*Apologies for the fuzzy images – this party was too hipster to even consider bringing my DSLR along to! ūüėÄ