Ruby Slipper for Cruciani – Giveaway!


If you follow my Instagram (@iolantherubyslipper) or read my blog regularly, you’ll have noticed some particularly colorful lacework I sport regularly on my wrists. Delicate and easy to wear, lacework Cruciani braccialetti are an accessory with a romantic story to boot. Italian-made for generations, Cruciani braccialetti are the product of the Caprai family and the products are a curious mix of tradition, culture and fashion. In the ensuing photo shoot, I’m wearing Cruciani in the traditional ‘Four Leaf Clover’ pattern. Bright and brilliant, Ruby Slipper and Miss Italy are giving you the chance to win a 5-pack of Cruciani braccialetti! Read on to enter and sport a little bit of Italy on your wrist. Che bella!




1. Subscribe to Ruby Slipper – the very blog you’re reading now (I check this before allocating a winner) and email with subject line ‘Ruby Slipper for Cruciani’. Include your postal details please!

2. For extra points and general good karma, follow me on Instagram @iolantherubyslipper or Facebook too!

Winner will be contacted by email and announced on our official Ruby Slipper Facebook page on Tuesday 23rd April.



Cruciani out and about in Melbourne on Iolanthe

Style Notes:

Gorman top, Saltwater sandals, Cruciani braccialetti, Emily Green necklace


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