Red Soil White Plains


I woke up this morning to the full quiet of farmland, punctuated by mutely cawing magpies. Pulling up the curtains in my room, I looked out onto this iridescent gumtree, glowing in the orange morning light set against the deep red soil. This weekend I visited a sweet friend of mine who has made a big change to her life – going from living and working in the city to raising her family in the heart of country Victoria. Today’s Ruby Assembly blog is a stroll around the farm, watching the sun rise over the lamb-and-ewe populated hills,   peering through the long, sun-bleached fields and watching your step as you negotiate through the crumbly cake red soil of the region. The older I grow, the more beautiful and mysterious I find the Victorian countryside. Of course, being able to stay with my friend and her family on their own patch of rolling land makes the journey extra-special.






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