My dear friend and fellow blogger Cecylia made me an offer I couldn’t refuse last week – a private silk-painting class with artist Ida Suod from Studio 941. It’s not often that an opportunity to express yourself in a medium unfamiliar presents itself. And you know me – I grabbed it with both hands (and brushes). Along with Cecylia and her sweet friend Minki, we were taught by Ida about the ‘resist’, mixing colors, and enjoying delicate colors blush across the porous silk.


Ida was a welcoming host and a great teacher. Before painting, we needed to select a pattern she had pre-drawn to trace in ‘resist’, or we could draw our own images freehand.


Happy little vegemites Iolanthe and Cecylia


Before and after. I can’t say exactly why I chose the Madonna. She’s my favorite religious icon, and Greek Easter is coming up. Maybe that’s why. In any case, she’s now sitting in front of a lamp in my living room, the light glowing through her blushing babushka cheeks.


Ida finishing her tulip design


Art imitates life.


Maybe not so much in this case, though.

A relaxing and contemplative way to express yourself creatively, I highly recommend a lesson with Ida. A fine alternative to hen’s nights or kitchen teas, or just a long-overdue catchup with your friends – the silk painting classes are free-form and chatting is welcome! Ida also has a residency upcoming at Color Box Studio in Footscray – click here to read an interview with Ida on her artistic practice.