Happy Valentine’s Day, lovahs. I’m not sure how you feel about celebrating kitschy holidays that involve glitter cards, boxes of chocolate, the odd bottle of bubbles and the potential for new jewellery. But me? I feel GOOD about it! Give me a holiday, and I’ll celebrate it. I say the more general pleasure we derive from being alive, the better. Commercial, commshershal – I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day I’ve got a treat for you, too! Pandora have kindly given me a set of dainty, glittering pave hearts jewellery from their Valentine’s collection to gift to one of my lucky readers. Scroll to the bottom of this special Valentine’s Day post for details on entering.



Being a Valentine’s Day outfit post and all, I wanted to wear the color of love and passion – red. Of late I’ve been enjoying offsetting this vibrant red tunic from Country Road with a cobalt blue blazer from Seed Heritage. As luck would have it, these Zomp suede court shoes (that sounds so matronly doesn’t it – a court shoe) match this punchy blazer perfectly. It’s an easy and impressive outfit for a busy day of professional meetings – creative, yet structured.


As you can see, I’m rocking my own set of Pandora pave hearts jewellery here – delicate little earrings and a quietly glittering ring. Nice, easy-to-wear touches that please the romantic in me, without over-complicating my already strong outfit.



A candid closeup of my hair – I’ve had a couple of people on Instagram ask how I achieve this kind of volume and structure (follow me @iolantherubyslipper). It’s an “I mean business” kind of look, but it’s simple to achieve and impressive. I brush unwashed hair to one side of my head, and then roll all my hair around a rat (What an unglamorous name! A rat is essentially a roll of stuffing to give hair size and shape). I then pin it in place and move the hair around until it achieves a shape I like.


1. Subscribe to Ruby Assembly – the very blog you’re reading now (I check this before allocating a winner) and email with subject line ‘Ruby Assembly for Pandora’.

2. For extra points and general good karma, follow me on Instagram @iolantherubyslipper or Facebook too!

That’s it! Winner will be announced next Thursday 21st February.