IMG_4226Gosh I love a Saturday morning. All that possibility, all those things to do. Best of all, Saturday mornings mean going out for a delicious brekky  – either with friends or on my ownsome for a little quiet reflection (and reading of American Vogue on my iPad). Of late, I’m committing to spending half of each Saturday morning editing my novel – something which is taking longer than I expected to complete. This Saturday just past, I spent a little time editing before going out to deepest, darkest Hawthorn where I met a friend to enjoy breakfast atLiar Liar Cafe, just off Glenferrie Road.


I’m a lady, and I like me a lady-sized breakfast. That means a sizable one to power me through all the busy lady-commitments I have on the weekend – including talking quickly about the problems of the world for a minimum of two hours at a stretch, browsing bookshops, spending longer than usual doing my makeup and hair and generally being a nuisance about the house. This was certainly a lady-sized breakfast – big chunks of sourdough bread with avocado and feta mash, topped with caramelly bacon and poached eggs. And dukkah.


They do a mean coffee at this Liar Liar too, and my pal J and I enjoyed several of these little babies while discussing with Jon Ronson‘s writing among other lady-topics.


Wearing: Gorman dress and shoes, Proof Bamboo Glasses, hair by Organika


Jumping for joy, ‘cos I’m a lady. Full of delicious lady-breakfast, having enjoyed the best of company and about to embark on a weekend of the best kind of lady activity. Reading, that is.