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Happy Friday, mateys! Ruby Assembly has officially been back at work for a full week now – and it’s been chock-a-block full o’ fun. We’ve got some AMAZING new collaborations upcoming in the first quarter of 2013, including a Valentine’s Day blogging feature with a jewelry brand many of you know and love. Our lips are sealed for now – stay tuned and subscribe to the blog for more details and a chance to win some new glittery accessories!

Today’s little piece features our morning adventure to the freshly-opened Market Lane Coffee on Faraday Street in Carlton, just next to Baker D. Chirico. See how happy and alert I’m looking above? That’s coz I had just enjoyed a delightful pourover coffee and Baker D. Chirico almond croissant to match while chatting to Mr. Ruby Assembly and a colleague. The Market Lane Coffee venue is much like a pop-up; a stylish little ‘hole in the wall’ with a corridor to sit in and sup on your caffeinated treat, perhaps with a little somthin’ somthin’ from the kind bakers next door in hand. It’s a fine addition to Carlton proper, and a great compliment to the reputed bakery. After all, how enjoyable can a garibaldi really be without an espresso to wash it down?

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Yellow buttery layers. And that’s just my pleated dress from Seed Heritage, I haven’t even got onto the confection of almond filling my croissant contained. Happy Friday y’all! May your weekend be full of coffee, breakfasts out, naps, reading of something substantial and  love. Try Market Lane coffee, why don’tcha?


Dress from Seed Heritage

Shoes from Gorman

Jewelry from Mimco