Sometimes you just strike it lucky. The Unilever Gods shone their benevolent light down on Ruby Assembly recently at Fashionopolis, where we won the mother-lode of hair and beauty products courtesy of Nuffnang. Shampoos, moisturisers, body sprays, shower gels… enough for at least another year of preening. So when such a lucky bolt of lightning strikes, it’s only right to repay the karma with a little bit of a shout out. Today’s blog is one in a number of ‘Karmic Beauty’ blogs where I give a brief review of products from this cheery box of goodies I won, and tell you how they fare in the real world. Today we’ll start with the Sunsilk Straight range, which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and styling spray, as pictured nattily above on Missoni towels. Ooh!

This was the Elvis-sized beauty box prize I won at Fashionopolis. Oh ye gods of fate and petroleum-related goods, I thank you.

The Sunsilk Straight range was created in collaboration with ‘Straight Expert’ Yuko Yamashita. I think that Bob Katter could also possibly be called a ‘straight expert’, but maybe not in this context. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about how straight this would make my hair – the shampoo frothed convincingly, but the conditioner was milky and not at all like the heavier cremes I usually condition with. However, upon rinsing my hair felt squeaky SQUEAKY clean and ‘thinner’ than usual. I like big hair Nanny Fran Fine style, but once in a while a sleek mane can also be good. The shampoo/conditioner combo made the immediate texture of my hair feel different.

After spraying my hair liberally with the straightening spray and blow drying  until bone-dry (no mean feat considering the amount of hair I’ve got going on), out come the straighteners.

Sealing the deal and adding polish with straighteners. These little babies may not be GHD but they’re an excellent rip-off.

There you go! All done, straightened with more aplomb than usual. I had several business meetings on the day I took these photos and many compliments on how silky and smooth my hair was. Mr Ruby Assembly also approved several times over, so I’d have to say that the Sunsilk Straight range has some good things going for it – if you love super-straight hair without resorting to chemical treatments.  There you go – a Ruby Assembly beauty review. That wasn’t so bad, was it!? (NB Rhetorical question.)