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Transformations. How many of them do we make in a year, let alone a lifetime? Women go through so many stages – girlhood, angsty teenager with a predilection for Supre (OK maybe that was just me), professional working woman, wifely type, Mum… the list goes on. Personal stylist Cindy Newstead from Cinz helps women make elegant transitions throughout their lives, helping them get their ‘style mojo’ back on! Her event last Monday ‘Style Review’ at elegant Leonda by the Yarra was a unique event truly celebrating democratic high-street style for all. Ruby Slipper reports!

The night was a veritable treasure-trove of colorfully clad Melbourne bloggy types you know and well, and I was pleased to hobnob with photographer extraordinaire Meagan Harding (left) and Kyra Pybus of Pybus PR (next to moi).

A real cross-section of ladies (and a few random blokes) attended, all looking to enjoy a runway show of Cindy’s real-life clients being styled in current season high street fashion. Think Country Road, Alannah Hill, Ted Baker, Gorman and other well-known and loved brands. Fuelled by champagne and manicures provided by Elly Lukas students, there was also a little retail therapy to be enjoyed in the form of….

…. lolly like resin jewellery and items made from beautiful vintage kimonos by Dames & Divas. Just like sweets for your digits!

Here are more lovely lollies, this time in the form of lady bloggers of Melbourne ! With your favourites Cecylia, Sarah Kempson of Sarah’s Style Emporium and Michelle from Michelle’s Style File.

Here’s our hostess with the mostest in glittering Ted Baker – Cindy Newstead, one of  Australia’s most successful stylists. You can read more about Cindy on our Business Ninja blog with here by clicking here.

One by one, Cindy’s models made their way down the runway – cheered on by the enthusiastic crowds. Of course, there was a ‘before’ and after ‘reveal’! This particular blonde beauty wore many Ted Baker outfits all in beautiful desserty-caramel tones.

Multitasking bloggers. Runway side Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagram’ing. Watch those thumbs fly!

One of my favourite models on the night, rocking some serious winter woolies and looking fly while going about it.

Do you feel like a bit of a wardrobe ‘jujj’? Perhaps you’ve a friend, Mum or sister that could do with a style update? A little time with Cindy or one of her stylists could be just the thing to pop the spring back in their step. Click here for more details on Cinz Personal Fashion Stylists.


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