Ruby Slipper @ Crafternoon Cafe

Oh what a delicious thing it is to catch up with an old friend over a cup of tea. And how much sweeter such an occasion is when you’ve got a trolley-load of cakes and crafting supplies to hand. No, dear reader. This is not some kind of queer Spotlight-meets-Starbucks-meets-school reunion. It was instead a delightful afternoon with my friend S at Crafternoon on Nicholson Street in Carlton North, the new place for those who like Clag, making badges, drawing with textas or even creating cute-ish voodoo masks.

Crafternoon cafe is a unique concept – a big and little kid friendly space where you can let your creativity run wild. With a furry marsupial-like creature as its mascot, we recommend you hold your next brekkie with gal pals there ASAP.

Just like your old Prep classroom, customer drawings are pinned up like washing to display creative efforts for posterity (ish). All crafting supplies are available to opt-into or not. Stick drawing totally acceptable!

S looking happy with the prospect of crafting whilst eating. What a grin!


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