Ruby Slipper’s Orthodox Easter

Xristos Anesti everyone! Although not devoutly Greek Orthodox, I’m none-the-less a big fan of both the ritual and symbolism of Easter, and the tasty Greek fare on offer for this annual event. Re-birth, renewel and the gift of a clean slate  and a lot of tsoureki (a sweet brioche-type bread traditionally studded with eggs, above) is at the heart of our easter celebration. Today’s brief photoblog invites you to my Yiayia’s house for a little family feast to celebrate fresh opportunities and the story of the risen Christ.

Each year my Yiayia uses these same candles to commemorate the rebirth of Christ. We usually gather outside and she briefly sings. I doubt it’s as solemn as she would love (what with kids hopping around from the burning wax on their mitts), but it is a unique easter tradition for me. To the right are a collection of Saints such as St. George and Mary McKillop, in addition to my Yiayia’s beloved passed husband and JC.

Other things which are usually on the easter table include this natty little kitschy easter bowl from my Mum, filled with jewel-red eggs ready for the ‘cracking’ easter egg game, and koulourakia (sesame shortbready-like biscuits, twisted to represent eternity).

It’s not all serious though. Here’s my toothy, gorgeous cousin with her proudly un-cracked lucky easter egg, waiting for the traditional avgolemeno (chicken soup) and lamb. Alongside her are the fellas of my family lighting their candles.

Top to bottom : A cracking good egg comp, easter lamb with fabulous gravy and kisses for Yiayia.

Xristos Anesti – Alithos Anesti!


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