Ruby Slipper @ Dita von Teese Von Follies Media Launch

Some things are better late than never, and this is true for this little series of images from Dita von Teese’s appearance for the launch of her Von Follies line at Target on Chapel Street in Melbourne. Ruby Slipper Consultants were kindly invited along to the event by Style Counsel during the busy L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Hosted by Lauren Brain, Dita’s appearance was short and sweet. A motley assortment of her fans appeared at the launch – unsurprisingly, mostly women – dressed in their vintage finery. Softly spoken and with a particularly private air about her, Dita was birdlike and beautiful. I imagine that if your job was really your body and your image, you’d necessarily need a private reserve that no-one in the public realm enjoyed access to. This was the feeling we garnered from our brief  experience of seeing the legendary Von Teese ‘in the flesh’.

An immaculate Von Teese fan, who we think matched Dita pound for pound in the glamour stakes.

Dita and an array of her lingerie on cutie-pie models, later on display in a raucous runway show we covered here.


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