Madam Virtue and Co. are synonymous with elegant, intelligent garments – the kind of unusual pieces that engage you slowly, enticing you with texture, detail and deluxe materials. Located on curious Crossley Street in the heart of Melbourne, Madame Virtue’s Dean, JC and Maude have an inclusive attitude towards (sometime imposing) haute couture. You’re always welcome in their jewel box overflowing with bespoke couture – such as this incredible Elizabethan-Supersized pearl necklace – entirely designed by the knowledgeable and imaginative JC.

Sonia Rykiel headpiece and bespoke pearl-cluster shirt. Devil’s in the extravagant detail.

One afternoon during LMFF I popped by the shop and was duly welcomed by JC, then recently returned from an overseas journey. After being kindly plied with macarons, JC showed me some of Madame Virtue’s newest pieces – including an incredibly pearl collar, an array of Chanel goodies and a most unusual dress, dusted lightly with a most extravagant material – more details on that below!

 Above: Amazing bespoke structured gown…. SPRAYED WITH BLACK DIAMOND DUST. You read right. Black. Diamond. Dust. As I’ve inferred, ‘usual and ordinary’ is not on the menu at Madam Virtue & Co.

You can discover the magical Madam Virtue & Co at 5 Crossley Street, Melbourne.  Ph: 9663 8669 e: