Ruby Slipper @ Flinders Wedding Bonanza

I love me a wedding. There’s nothing quite like a public life-long commitment to bring a tear to the eye and re-affirm to oneself the things of true value in a life. K&B’s wedding last weekend at designer cottage deluxe ‘Musk Cottage’ in Flinders was a beautiful event. A wedding between a lovely lass from country Victoria and a fella from the UK gave the event an international sensibility, and it was wonderful to see so many of their mutual friends and family travel so far to commemorate and support their nuptials. I don’t think words are so necessary with beautiful images like the ones I’ll post today! In short, may the message be LOVE. (PS how relaxed do I look on this Space-Furniture-get-outta-town couch?)

Musk Cottage is an ultra modern house set amongst creatively landscaped gardens and chocka-block full of modern design hits. How’s this for a cosy spot to quaff champagne in?

An intimate wedding… and a beautiful, willowy bride in Akira.

One photo of this kind of joy isn’t enough, quite frankly – so here’s three!

The next day K’s family held a BBQ at ‘Antler House’, an expansive and ultra modern house overlooking the bay. It was the perfect finish to a weekend, where sleepovers by the beach were had, new friends were made and K&B’s love and commitment were celebrated.  Triple threat of happiness.

Amazing interiors of the Antler House, exactly like something out of a really ritzy ‘real living’. Which makes my taste in housing magazines sound budget, but I really do love it.

What’s your favourite wedding location?

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