Happy LMFF everyone! How appropriate that this week’s Business Ninja is Lucy Laurita, Director of boutique formal wear range Leiela (italian for there she is). Leiela was launched in Melbourne in 2005, and has gone on to become well-known for their unique red carpet and bridal couture. Luxurious fabrics, delicate beading and rich draping are the hallmarks of Leiela design.

Leiela are participating in L’Oreal Melbouren Fashion Festival’s 2012 cultural programme with an exciting interactive event called Staging Glamour on March 13th.  Staging Glamour is a LMFF first, consisting of mobile dressing rooms in secret locations (to be revealed soon!) around Melbourne. Come in and be ‘made over’ by the Leiela team – popped in a glam frock with hair and makeup done. You’ll then be photographed, and Leiela Facebook fans will vote on the best makeover. In order to participate in a Leiela Staging Glamour makeover and the opportunity to WIN a Leiela gown of your choice (amongst other treats), make sure to like their official Facebook page.

But for now – here’s Lucy!

1. What makes Leiela magical, setting you apart from other formal gown designers?

Our attention to detail. Every creation is made by our Melbourne dressmakers and then finished off with our unique signature hand-made embellishment.

2. What are your maddest ‘ninja skillz’ in formal fashion? 

Being ambidextrous (being able to use both left and right hands equally).

3. How did your lightbulb moment in creating your business come about?
As a young child I always imagined myself being a fashion designer working for myself, and after working in the industry for 10 years I knew the time was right.

4. What is your earliest memory?

Sharing a chair with my mum, sitting behind her carefully watching as she stitched dresses together on her sewing machine

5. What is your favourite Saturday night meal?

Indian, but I haven’t had it in ages!

6. What are you looking forward to most at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival?

Meeting lots of interesting people, having some fun and getting people’s reactions to our make-over day Staging Glamour.  

7. What fashion trends do you predict for Autumn/Winter 2012?

As far as formal wear is concerned, expect to see tapered waists, fishtail skirts and a return to old Hollywood glamour.

8. Who would you most like to dress, and why?

Gabrielle Chanel– she is my fashion idol.

9. What is something unexpected that has come from your work?

Appreciating the little things in life.

10. Tell us about your upcoming event Staging Glamour at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

It’s a glamorous make-over day. It’s a free event on the 13th of March where anyone can follow us around to the 5 secret locations (to be revealed on Facebook) throughout the day. Fashion lovers will get to view our new glamorous collection and 5 lucky ladies will be randomly selected to have a make-over. There will be beauty give-aways throughout the day and Documentary Shop will be there filming the whole day’s event.

Here’s the video for Staging Glamour – the event!