Fashion Torque returns for 2012 at the Hasti Bala room, a decadent jungle-themed space at the top of The Carlton on Bourke Street. A who’s who of the Melbourne fashion community were there, dressed in their jungle best to see the live fashion talk show hosted by Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon. Co-hosts included Sarah Gale of The Iconic, Anthony Capon of a.concept and Sarah Willcocks of Style Melbourne. The topic of discussion for the evening was the future of fashion locally.

The night began with a bang, featuring Baby Lemonade Lamarr (right) who sang her new single and stomped around looking properly jungly, like Tina Turner in Mad Max Two. Fierce is the right adjective here.

Some of the most interesting discussion of the night came from Anthony Capon who spoke about his role at et al, and his intention to take his brand a.concept (and that of et al’s) overseas. Sarah Gale told us of her experience of launching The Iconic, with a dedicated team working in overdrive to get the whole kit and kaboodle up and running in a neat and stylish package in under three months. There was also some discussion about levels of professionalism and service within the retail trade, and how some cultural change needs to be instituted on the shop floor.

Fashion Torque goes wild! The winner of best jungle-themed getup is this beaming lass on the left with a door prize of Ciccone cosmetics, and to the right is Kyra of Pybus PR.

I thought I’d indulge in a jungle floral with acid yellow and fuchsia lillies with this little gown I made (left), whilst Carley Catalano rocks out in minimalist fur and leather collar. Grrrrrrrrowll!!!

In all, a great start to the Fashion Torque year in a luxury environment with terrific disucssions and the opportunity to make new friends in the vibrant local industry. See you in March, Fashion Torquers!