Happy Thursday! I’ve had a few requests recently to do a little blog on Ruby Assembly HQ. So – here it is. A vignette of a ‘day in the life of Ruby Assembly’ – engaging with the muse of creativity. This includes a range of things such as brainstorming rather excellent ideas whilst drinking mango tea (above) ….

… occasionally visiting chic Rathdowne Street cafe Depot de Pain for some crisp breakfast baguette, french butter and jam…

…. a certain amount of time is spent ordering and then reading (or at least, wanting to read) an array of political science, cultural studies, Australian fiction and more  from Brotherhood Books….

…. more tea on my magical gold deco oriental tray, it never fails to bring the muse to my shoulder….

… sometimes you need to listen intently for the full muse inspiration to hit. Mid-muse moment.