Ruby Slipper @ Domain Flowers Celebration

Happy weekend everyone! It’s generally been a week of celebration chez the house of Ruby Slipper, with lots of events to share with you and much traipsing around Melbourne meeting new clients and old friends. Today’s blog is a brief, pretty thing which looks at last night’s Domain Flowers end of year celebration.

Domain Flowers was a beautiful venue to be in last night – it was literally festooned with vibrant, heavy-headed and fragrant peonies, roses and succulents. Grand silver bowls of glossy cherries were complimented by sparkling champagne flutes and some rather tasty mini-pavlovas. Domain Flowers specialise in extravagant arrangements of luscious plants, and you’ll see their work at a number of Pybus PR events.


What a petal! This little gem next to the cacophony of flowers is the talented and beautiful Andrea Micich. Andrea is an internationally renowed makeup artist with a focus on fashion photography and events. Keep frosty for Andrea’s new website, in addition to our upcoming exclusive Ruby Slipper interview and lots of beautiful photography of her artistic work. 

There were lots of glittering lady bloggers to chat with such as Cecylia , Lady Melbourne and Jane Hayes  in addition to…..

… Retro-ravishing Esme and the Laneway with yours truly (and my suitably floral headpiece)

…Kyra Pybus, the hostess with the mostest…

…and another photo of Esme and the Laneway just cause she’s so damn pretty. Esme will be featured in an upcoming collaboration with Ruby Slipper clients The Laneway salon group in coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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