When Greatness Calls… Ruby Slipper Answers @ The Grand Final Parade

OK. So I’m not a full-blown Collingwood Magpies tragic, but I’m certainly a fan – i’ll preface the Ruby Slipper coverage of today’s Grand Final parade with that little tidbit. I don’t expect that this year’s Grand Final will hold the nail-biting ‘twins of terror’ aspect that last year’s two week spectacular provided – but I’m hoping that it will be a competitive game and that the boys ‘do it for Mick’. I trundled from Carlton to the steps of Treasury on Spring Street earlier this afternoon and thought I’d do a little coverage for fellow Pies (and Ruby Slipper) fans.

There’s something about Collingwood. Reviled and loved simultaneously – it’s a club which is rich with glamour, romanticism and mystery. Ugly as hell, proud as punch, tough as guts. Courtesy of Mother Ruby Slipper (a cultural historian and Pies fan herself), I’ve developed a love of Collingwood fuelled by a fascination with John Wren and the historic inner-city Melbourne suburbs that today’s Pies sprang from. Early 20th century Collingwood, Fitzroy and Carlton were areas full of migrants looking for both better lives AND sporting entertainment. Mr Wren kindly provided backing to a range of artistic groups and sporting teams, and in no small part helped develop the sports and arts mad Melbourne we enjoy today. You can read more about John Wren on Joffa’s site (which is more entertaining than Wikipedia).

John Wren, Collingwood legend. Catholics like him too.


Rather more contemporary fans awaiting their teams to appear on the steps of Treasury.

As the crowd gathered below them on the corner of Collins Street and Spring Street, three enthusiastic Pies fans popped out onto a balcony at Alcaston House.

Magpies fans, side-by-side – looking towards Parliament.

High-rise Katsalidis loving toffs can love the Magpies too! The people’s game! – Overlooking Collins and Spring Streets.

Nick Maxwell, Collingwood Captain talking briefly about his expectations for tomorrow’s Grand Final. Both teams flank the centre of the stage.

Lingy and Maxwell holding the Premiership cup high.

A bloke singing ‘Up There Cazaly’ and why, there’s Mick Malthouse bottom left! Tight like a tiger, that Mick.

The Ruby Slipper office, proudly bedecked and showing our support for Collingwood.

A team that welcomes all comers…. whether you’re a tattoo lover….

…. or a Broady boy made good in a suit.

Ahhh. The romance. Enjoy Grand Final Day tomorrow everyone!



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