Another week gone by, another session of Ruby Assembly’s Iolanthe learning to use sewing machines effectively with Dear Gladys on High Street in Northcote. Oh, that and swapping tiramisu recipes, eating copious amounts of blue cheese, quaffing some champagne and snaffling down ginger kisses. Yup, just a normal sewing lesson.

Louisa adeptly enjoying cheese apres sewing machine shenanigans in the delightfully eccentric Dear Gladys surrounds.

In this week’s session Remy taught us how to pin tucks into our skirts (just follow the notches) anf familiarised sewing machines to the small class. Melissa (store manager and all round top chick) was high on cold and flu tablets, but also added her sewing knowledge to the round circle. Our skirts have but one class left before they’re complete in all their pin-tucked glory.

See? My skirt is already looking much more skirt like with pintucks firmly sewn down. Look at that grin of satisfaction!

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