Today’s little Ruby Assembly blog post has been inspired by the large box of fresh, undipped, unsprayed and totally organic pink lady apples I’ve received from my family’s farm. Just looking at those apples makes me want to put on an apron and jig around the kitchen like Snow White. (I know she had a run in with a ‘bad apple’, of which there are none of those in this post.) So come along and jig in your kitchen with some apples to make a perfect stewed apple suitable for a healthy(ish) dessert with custard, or to flavour up your morning porridge.


I couldn’t resist – just to get you in the mood!

You’ll need…

  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Jolly looking pot

Peel and chop your apples into various size chunks – I like some softer and some firmer, so vary the size.

Put into a heavy-cast jolly pot with a few tablespoons of water, put in cinnamon to taste and if you like a tablespoon of brown sugar. Pop the lid on the cook over medium for 10-15 minutes. Even if they still appear firm after this time, don’t keep cooking – they’ll turn into baby mush. Instead, turn off the heat and leave the lid on your jolly pot until it all cools down. The residual heat will do the job. Perfect and healthy!

Something that goes well with apples and looking cute in aprons in the new addition to my wardrobe – a beautiful Leona Edmiston gown which my husband kindly ordered on a Wednesday night – it arrived in this beautiful pistachio box on a Friday morning, boxed up in illustrated bright red wrap. That’s what I call a quality online shopping experience! Not necessarily related to apples,  but still in a happy lady vein. Have a loved-up weekend!