This week’s Business Ninja is the dynamic and charming Emma Lockwood – Finance Broker extraordinaire! Emma has a real focus on assisting women plan their financial lives in a fuss-free and sensible fashion. Whether it’s getting a home loan, saving on your normal monthly bills or financing a car – Emma’s the gal to do it. She also has a kick-ass new blog called Emma – Fierce on Finance. Check it out! To contact Emma, email

1. What makes your business magical, setting you apart from other competitors?
Me! (ha ha). Seriously though, finance broking is such a ‘blokey’ world that I think being a female definitely gives me an edge. Women prefer to speak with other women about finances as we are often on the same page of what our priorities and challenges are. And I absolutely love helping people get ahead financially and use their money to create a great future for themselves.

2. What are your maddest ‘ninja skillz’ in brokerage?

I like to challenge the red tape that banks put all over their lending. Often they ask for some crazy stuff that isn’t necessary but which can be hugely inconvenient to the client. My first priority is making the process as easy and smooth as possible for my client.
3. How did your lightbulb moment in creating your business come about?

I was a Business Studies and Accounting teacher for 10 years and always wanted to be ‘doing’ it, rather than ‘teaching’ it. After having my 2 children and needing to make a decision about my career, I decided to take the plunge and use my finance background to create my own business.
4. What is your earliest memory?

My ‘poppa’ shooting our sheepdog because he wasn’t rounding up the sheep properly. How traumatic!

5. What would your last meal be?

As much Haigh’s Chocolate as I could eat.

6. What is your best tip for choosing working partners?

Go with your gut. If they’re not reliable the first time, then it’s a good indication of what to expect. Have very defined roles from the outset.

7. What is your favourite sound?

Rain on the roof. Takes me back to when I was a farmer’s daughter and rain in winter meant food on the table for the next year!

8. Who would you like to invite to dinner?

My Mum’s Dad who was a WWII POW and whom I never had the privilege to know. 

9. What is something unexpected that has come from your work?

The sheer pleasure of each and every deal I do. It’s a buzz!