This little Ruby can’t believe that Christmas is already upon. Well – to be honest – I actually can. I have already made half a gallon of marmalade for gift baskets and gone a touch OTT on The Age’s Michael Buble CD insert, and eaten one or two panettone. I hope that a few of you will be taking time off over Christmas. Whatever you do, don’t raise your hand and say yes to whichever sadist suggests you work the few days in between Christmas and New Year’s. With all these festive glow on my client’s blogs, I thought it was time to make a Ruby Assembly Christmas Top 10 (consisting of a Top 5 and a Bottom 5). Ho ho ho!

1. Vision Australia Carols By Candlelight

Usually this is something that little children are unreservedly excited about. In my case, it’s something I’ve got into over the past 5 years – dragging my poor Mum and Dad along to sit it out on the grass at the Myer Music Bowl. It really is a great night, even if nowadays it involves some contact with Karl Stefanovic as host. This is a favorite and really gets me in the Christmas spirit, with all the little snoozing kids being cuddled by their parents.

2. Noel

This isn’t just a pie shop (for those of you that remember the dubious ‘Noel’s Pie Shop in the Dandenong Ranges). It’s also a rip-snorter of a gorgeous home fragrance by Crabtree & Evelyn. Rich with pine fragrance, orange and cinnamon I have this scent filling my home from the first day of December.

3. Christmas Cards

I know I know. Lots of you hate doing Christmas cards, and some of you will only do it when you’ve received one. I don’t always get to everyone, but I really enjoy sending cards to my friends and family. This year there hasn’t been a terrific range, but I usually go for the Orthodox icon ones. I’m not super religious generally, but I like to think that Christmas is also a time of rebirth and wonder. For me, this is perfectly encapsulated by the glowing, flat eyed and regal Coptic Madonna and child.

4. Panettone

Mmmm oh tasty bread which can be eaten both morn and night. Panettone is the delicious italian bread-cakey item. It can have a creme filling with Nutella or Limoncello, or it can be full of moscato-soaked fruits and candied peel. Either way it’s a treat to be enjoyed toasted or with custard and fruit for a no-fuss major-impressive dessert. So far this year husband and I have eaten through a Lygon Street Food Store home made item, as well as my favorite Gran Ducale from King & Godfree. Bravo!

5. Sparkling Baubles

I don’t mind if it’s real or surreal ( i refuse to use the word paste), a glittering piece of jewellery for a lady is a wonderful treat. Lower end Diva or Forever New, mid-range Tilkah or Mimco, upper end Canturi or Thomas Hardy. Loves em all and I’m sure you do too.

Christmas Bottom 3 ( I like Christmas so much I could only think of 3, not the aforementioned 5)

1. Corporate Christmas Parties

Usually uncomfortable events fuelled by alcohol and misguided lust. I even went to one with a transgender drag performer which the boys in accounts found endlessly mirthful. Nothing says Christmas cheer quite like that, right?

2. TAC adverts and scary Christmas roadtolls.

Geeze I hate those TAC adverts. I hate the roadtolls even more. Driving anywhere on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day should be kept to a minimum (in-laws or no in-laws).

3. Bad quality chocolates

Self explanatory, and matches well with a dislike of hot ham and dubious oysters.

So Merry Christmas to you my Ruby Assembly pals! 2011 will bring a new corporate face to Ruby Assembly Consultants, to be found at (ooh! my own domain!). This will be launched in January 2011 and will be an easy way to order copywriting or find out more about our custom social media management strategy. Buon Natale!