Ruby Assembly are very proud to present this week’s ultra-glamorous ooh -la-la Business Ninja of the week in Helen McLean. Helen is a unique photographer who runs a photographic studio focussed on creating pin-up and glamorous 30’s-40’s-50’s images. It is a total pamper session, and you get beautiful images to cheesecake your world with. Ruby Assembly was referred to Helen – so expect to see some corporate 1950’s style Ruby Assembly images coming up!

I’d highly recommend Helen for anyone wanting a professional image that will get your brand noticed in a press release. In fact, she is such a darling that she is offering all Ruby Assembly readers a fantastic bonus. Mention “There’s No Place Like Home” and receive 10% off your photo shoot booking price. This is on top of the current deals Helen McLean has going. Offer expires 28th Feb 2011.

I hope a few of your girls glam it up! Anyway, here’s Helen!

1. What makes your business magical, setting you apart from other

Quality – not quantity.

I see many adverts from competitors promoting bargain price pin up
photography, when what they are offering isn’t a very individualised
booking. More often than not, these cheapy shoots are more like group
bookings, where the time spent on each person is minimal.

My bookings are more like pamper sessions… 2 hours of primping with a
professional makeup artist and hair stylist, while sipping on bubbly.
During this time I am compiling a customised list of poses to suit the
person and their outfit & props. Then into the studio for 1.5 hours of

2. What are your maddest ‘ninja skillz’? (interpret this as you wish)

Photoshop skills! Using smoke and mirrors to achieve the final image.

3. How did your lightbulb moment in creating your business come about?

It wasn’t an actual lightbulb moment, rather it came about due to
demand. After uploading ‘test’ shots online, which were for my Notorious
Dames project, I started receiving enquiries on the cost of photo
shoots! As my preferred style is 30s/40s & 50s, it was a natural
progression to the classic pin up photography.

4. What is your earliest memory?

Making believe that my life-size toy kangaroo was a monster at night
when all I could see was a silhouette :o/

5. What would your last meal be?

Halva and beer… I may as well make a frothy, foaming mess of it all.

6. What is your best tip for recruiting staff or choosing business

Choose the best. The best people will help you move the business

7. What is your favourite sound?

Belly laughs coming from my little boy!

8. Who would you like to invite to dinner?

Audrey Hepburn.

9. Who has inspired you to be a better ‘Business Ninja’?
For me, it’s ‘what’ rather than ‘who’, as it’s ongoing and ever
changing. Competition helps me strive to continually be better. Without
competition, businesses become stale and there is lack of drive.
Competition is good, hail competition!

To contact Helen, email