Hey! The last couple of weeks has been a fuchsia jumpsuit kind of time for celebrating the new and exciting things in the world of Ruby Assembly Consultants. 

The past couple of weeks have been truly huge for the Ruby Team. As you’d know by now on the Ruby Assembly blog, you’ll get a little of this a little of that – a little business, a little pleasure. Kind of like a mullet, but far more chic. Here’s a rundown of news in the world of Ruby.

  • We’ve been doing some fabulous Auction training SPECIFICALLY with female auctioneers. Keep your eyes peeled inner-north of Melbourne, as Ruby Assembly has been training up a couple of feisty new female auctioneers simply bound to cajole and entertain that last $1000 from the most weary of bidders. Does your estate agency have a programme for females wishing to become auctioneers? Contact Iolanthe Gabrie to find out more about these trainings on 0403 475 919
  • Iolanthe had a wonderful birthday chock-a-block full of fun which included (but was not limited to) a WAGs themed Tupperware party (thus the pink fuchsia jumpsuit inset above) where long-suffering girlfriends came as their WAG of choice and enjoyed treats pictured below including many Donna Hay favourites. Namely High Tea chicken sandwiches, Marshmallow Brownie Cupcakes, Honeybuzz Cupcakes. Beverages were appropriately WAGgish and diabetes-inducing, featuring the stylish PomPom flavoured Cruiser which was an odd purple and had a distinct aftertaste of adolescence.

  • Ruby Assembly Consultants also helped a couple who had long been trying to purchase a home successfully negotiate and transact with a minimum of stress. Congratulations P & P, you became proud home owners – all in only 7 days of hunting with Ruby.
  • There has been lots of copywriting of late for homes, including for Nelson Alexander in Carlton, AG Property and Marston & Cook. You got a house that needs a transcendental text? An apartment which needs artistic pizzazz? Look no further than Ruby to paint your word-picture.
  • Iolanthe’s new client AG Property (which is owned by her husband Anthony Gattuso) opened this week to many well wishers. A true labour of love, this new specialist office in the heart of Carlton (Brunetti anyone?) will be a terrific new client with a matching blog. Check out more photos of the opening day on the AG Property Blog, and look forward to more Ruby Assembly content on it.

  • As we steam past the Melbourne Cup holiday in Victoria, the end of 2010 is nigh and Ruby Assembly has celebrated its first full year of trade. BAS and PAYG mastered, Iolanthe celebrated her wonderful clients including Stockdale and Leggo Elsternwick, Kreatrix, AG Property, Habitat Property, Arn Mehta Ray White, Adam Joske Gary Peer, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, Nelson Alexander, YPA Property and Marston and Cook. Here’s a few  pictures of a brioche baked in honor of your support, you’ve helped Ruby rise just as surely as the butter and yeast in this wonderful recipe. I look forward to representing your businesses with as much gay aplomb and whizz-bang strategy as ever. Big love.

Iolanthe-made brioche for Ruby Assembly’s 1st birthday – note the orange creamed butter to serve. Thanks for your support and enjoy this scrumptious vicarious treat.