So often social media is merely paid lip-service to in corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises. Ruby Assembly Consultants specialise in creating innovative and interactive suites of social media for their clients to grow their business and network effectively. Here are Director Iolanthe Gabrie’s top 10 hints.

1. Do or Do Not. There is No Try

Make like Yoda. If you’re going to do anything in your business, don’t do it half-cooked. The same goes with social media. Don’t begin to do it unless you are prepared to invest in its content daily. Nothing is less appealing to the market than a Facebook or Blog site that has its last entry beginning with a ‘Happy Easter folks’ in August.

2. Be Irreverent and Silly.

Clients and the community use social media as a way of both finding information, and being entertained. There is no reason the two can’t be melded. Be natural and happy to express who you are through written form. Don’t be too uptight or corporate – it is counter intuitive to using social media and you will be written off by potential clients as now engaging honestly.

3. Take Up Ideas

Spaces like Twitter and business pages on Facebook are fertile fields packed full on new concepts to market. Don’t plagiarise by any means  – but if you see a concept that seems useful for your own business, see how you can change it to implement immediately.

4. Push In

Jump on that darn bandwagon. Comment on as many corporate pages or popular pages as possible in a witty and entertaining fashion. Add your own website and social media address at the end of your comment. Sure, you’ll tick some people off. Break a few eggs to make an omelette and get yourself out there to unknown community markets ie museums, media organisations.

5. Stand on The Soap Box

Be your own PR superstar. Check out local publications or outlets for their PR details and perfect your own press release. Online there are various marketing solutions such as Sourcebottle which is terrific for getting your name out there in free and commercial press.

6. Engage Honestly

If you have a negative comment on your post, (unless profane or potentially defamation) don’t delete it. Respond naturally and as honestly as you can. This will hopefully start a chain of interactions which make you a) real and accountable and b) approachable and interested. This is where value lies in social media.

7. Don’t Copy and Paste

You’ll see a lot of repeated information on blogs and social media. If you want to build a following, certainly don’t copy and paste another person’s work. Read it and reinterpret it if needs be in your own style, but never ever contaminate your work by copying.

8. Let Them See The Real You

Don’t be afraid to let the world see who you are. In fact, the things that will interest clients most in you is your life! This isn’t to say that you should release you whole name, address or phone number etc. It certainly isn’t to say that you should post photos of yourself or others that are inappropriate. But you will need to make yourself known in order to become trusted and real. Hey, it’s even flattering! You’re interesting… right?

9. Good Information

If you are providing research, make sure it’s accurate and you can include a link or reference to where the information has come from. Don’t make stuff up!

10. Get Help

If you need assistance or training in this field, make sure you get the help early on to set up good habits. Working your business through social media is certainly the way of the future – but it’s like a diet. Don’t get started until you know you will provide a quality experience for your readers and clients and until your business objectives are clear. Ruby Assembly Consultants can help with this!

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