Inspired by a particularly eventful Tasmanian sojourn (replete with chicken knitted teapot cover from CWA shop Tasmania) I thought I’d write a brief online compendium of the loves of Ruby Assembly – the things that keep our pen flowing with ink and our natty mind ticking over with brave new ideas. So…

1. Larkmade

Enjoy a little vintage print, and the odd cupcake? This Daylesford based, incredibly successful online business pleases both my business acumen and long afternoon tea-ing self. Proves that having an online presence is more important than location, and that a unique product marketed well is always a winner. My favorite current product is the cake stand that is made of strong, laminated cardboard. Chekit!

2. Tilkah Jewellery

Unfortunately this ridiculously gorgeous real-life and online boutique doesn’t have any ‘copy and paste’ photos for me to be able to share the love – but don’t let that stop you clicking in and going wild on some of the most luxurious baubles around. T’ain’t no shame in dress jools.

3. Collingwood Football Club

The gregorian chant of ‘Coooooooooling woooooooooood’ and the second grand final – what’s not to love for one-eyed Magpie Fans? Tomorrow will find me and famiglia enjoying vegetarian lasagne in front of the telly.

4. Bicheno Tasmania

I forgot all my vast store of convict jokes upon arrival to this remote, beautiful and windswept seaside town. Enjoy evenings in front of a toasty fireplace at Kyle & Tony’s Sandpiper Cottages and go for walks at Freycinet National Park. Have a coffee at the Freycinet Lodge (big fireplaces to rival anything Tolkien’s elves ever created) and enjoy a marinara authentico at Pasini’s.

5. My Mum Elizabeth (currently sans website, to be amended shortly!)

Ok I love her every month, not just October. But I’m so overjoyed to see the massive change that has taken place in my effortlessly creative and warmhearted little mum since she decided to kick her corporate life to the curb and journey towards a PhD and many new exhibitions and artworks. Going to Curves, squashing Jerome the cat and feeding my Dad whilst plotting about the next project are all in her day. How wonderful.