Ahh. So rarely does the corporate world come up with a real, true give. But today I have been chuffed to have attended another Ruby Connections event and learned a great deal about team culture in businesses.

I met up with Director Kirsten Reynolds of Kreatrix fame, and we sat down to listen to Karen Gately of Ryangately. Karen presented a 1 hour discussion focussed titled ‘Managing Poor Performance and Behaviour’. It doesn’t sound like great fun – however Karen clearly discussed the difference that managing HR and staff in our businesses makes to our corporate cultures and business success.

Karen heads up a unique business which is similar to Ruby Assembly in terms of its structure. Ryangately provide completely outsourced strategic HR management and can help businesses with staff counselling, recruitment, career pathways, job descriptions and restructuring.

Some key discussions today (after the lovely cut lunch provided by Ruby Connection Westpac Women’s Markets) include:

  • Exploring how to diagnose performance issues
  • Establish improvement plans for staff
  • Communicate difficult feedback
  • Address poor behaviours and handle sensitive issues
  • Manage conflict

Thankyou Ruby Connections for presenting useful information to Victorian business women! Too often we can mistake poor performance issues for an inability in our staff which is permanent. Groups like Ryangately give business owners the tools to properly diagnose performance issues.