This week I am beyond delighted to have one of my girly on-line heroes, Bec from the magical Little Shop Of in Carnegie. I found out about Bec when one of my girlfriends gave me a Ruby Assembly tile necklace when I began my own business – a little gift of inspiration. When I invited Bec to be the focus of my next Business Ninja article, she graciously said yes. Enjoy – and make sure to visit Little Shop Of and buy up big on locally made gorgeous goodies.

1. What makes your business magical, setting you apart from other competitors? I have a small retail space called the ” Little Shop of Handmade”  where I sell locally handmade goodies. I like to nurture and encourage  small micro businesses – I offer them a retail platform to sell their wares and in turn I offer my customers unique hand crafted items that you wont find in the main stream market and all our items retail for under $50. The shop is also my studio for my own handmade range of accessories.

2. What are your maddest ‘ninja skillz’?
I remember every item that my customers have bought in the shop! It’s my thing apparently.
3. How did your lightbulb moment in creating your business come about?  I made 40 brooches to sell at the Sunday markets – I sold 38 in the first 3 hours – I went to work the next day, the company irked me in the first 5 mins so I quit and I have never looked back and that was 3 years ago!

4. What is your earliest memory?
Getting my mouth washed out with soap! I know the importance of communication from a very early age!

5. What would your last meal be?
Marshmallow pancake thingy’s on level 5 MBK centre in Bangok! mmmmmm
6. What is your best tip for recruiting staff or choosing business partners?
Little shop is pretty much a one woman show  – I created a small bespoke business that could be easily (most of the time it is easy) run by myself and a little help from my hubby – I like the fact that I can personally nurture my relationships with my customers – I am after quality customers not quantity. When it does get to the point of having the recruit staff – my husband will come onboard fulltime. The whole point in walking away from a 6 figure salary to work for myself was to streamline my work and hours and do it all 100% on my terms. I just have to be really super organised but the pay off is phenomenal! I am such a micro manager so it’s better for me to just do it all myself!
7. What is your favourite sound?
Inner city car traffic
8. Who would you like to invite to dinner?
The whole cast of Beverly Hills 90210 ( In character)
9. Who has inspired you to be a better ‘Business Ninja’?
I can’t say anyone in particular has inspired me – I am inspired I guess by my own achievements and what I am capable of doing on my own. I guess my previous employers have inspired me in  a way… to never work for anyone again!