Meet the ineffable Shane Scanlan, Docklands rouseabout and innovative media entrepreneur of Docklands News and Docklands TV.

I first came across Shane and his publication the Docklands News whilst working as a BDM at an estate agent in Docklands. He has successfully managed to usurp the traditional Fairfax Leader publications in the Docklands area and establish a popular and interesting newspaper, that lots of Docklands based businesses elect to advertise in.

Never one to shy away from something new, now Shane is developing a new advertising concept called Docklands TV – a web based advertising and community information service that based on live TV.

1. What makes your business magical, setting you apart from other competitors?

In the case of Docklands TV, there is no competition.  It’s a totally new concept which, of course, is good in some ways but makes it harder to sell.

2. What are your maddest ‘ninja skillz’?  (interpret this as you wish)

Being a blackbelt in a complementary range of ninja including –  journalism, design, new media, IT and marketing.

3. How did your lightbulb moment in creating your business come about?

Coming across some local Docklands-devised technology and realising that simple blogging could cost-effectively become live streaming online video.

4. What is your earliest memory?

Seeing Father Christmas (or was that a dream?).

5. What would your last meal be?


6. What is your best tip for recruiting staff or choosing business partners?

Technical capacity has to be there, but it’s how you are going to get along with these people which is most important.

7. What is your favourite sound?


8. Who would you like to invite to dinner?

My family.

9. Who has inspired you to be a better ‘Business Ninja’?

All the people in my life who look forward to the future as a better place to be.

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