What a huge week we’ve had at Ruby Assembly, meeting new clients far and wide in wonderful Melbourne from a range of different disciplines. And we’ve met them in the strangest places….

Wow. As I sit here and watch The Worm’s opinion on Tony and Julia, this little Ruby reflects on a diverse week with new businesses across Melbourne. This week I’ve found that when one door closes, a whole stack more open. On Friday evening I attended a Klass Events production for women’s networking called ‘Secret Girls Business Expo’. Yes, it was camp. Yes, it was cheesy. And yes… it was held at the ‘Celebrity Room’ at Moonee Valley Racecourse.

Iolanthe of Ruby Assembly Consultants and Kirsten of Kreatrix at the Secret Girls Business Expo

This particular event is a forum for women in small businesses to show off their wares and innovations by both being allowed speaking time as well as having a stand for their product. It is oddly mixed with a sit-down dinner and dancing to 70’s hits – but hey – it was at the Celebrity Room so it wasn’t a huge surprise when you reflect on it. I attended this function with Kirsten Reynolds, Director of Kreatrix which is a best-practice training business servicing the hair and beauty industries.

All humour aside, the women who invested both their time and money in trying to create a bigger profile for the business and reach new markets are to be congratulated. Some of the innovative businesses Ruby Assembly Consultants look forward to representing include:

These are all unique businesses with excellent potential to connect with further markets using quality guerrilla marketing such as social media integration – via Ruby Assembly Consultants, naturally.

This weekend we also saw the State of Design festival come into full swing with Melbourne Open House and lots of our architectural icons open to traffic. Whilst going about my way having a look at beautiful Melbourne architecture, I met a potential new client who is an optometrist – even though his business if medical, he can see that interacting with his patients in an ongoing fashion will benefit his business. Blogs about eyes coming your way – eyes and more that is!

This busy weekend I’ve also had the pleasure of assisting in running a charity event for the Guide Dogs Victoria for a sorority in Sandringham. The women involved in this sorority have been working solidly for 25 years in building their business associations, and have supported each other through marriages, babies, ill-health, new businesses and divorces. I found them to be very inspirational and I look forward to assisting them with Ruby Assembly in the future. One of them even brought a t-shirt along from the Smithsonian to show me. Ruby Assemblys, of course!