Oooh Yes. I admit I’m pleased with myself.

Ruby Assembly Consultants has gone viral! In the past week, my magical business has been reviewed by online by ‘in the know’ group Property Ad Guru.

We provide a unique ‘journalistic’ service to small business blogging – ensuring a true ‘voice’, relevant and freshly researched articles for your community, and consistent messages across a chosen social media suite. This is totally unlike generalist providers who feed of bland real estate centric material to your clients. Nothing generic here though – pure magic and real interaction only!

Hip hip hooray for my client Cheraine Milburn from Habitat Property, who put forward her own business and my representation of it as an innovative approach to Property Ad Guru. And darn tootin’ right it is! Cheraine has had quality input and approaches from those she refers to in her blog – and she’s well on the way to being a best practice leader in social media in real estate.

Make sure you check out Property Ad Guru which is another project by the well-known Australian online entrepreneur Simon Baker. Don’t miss the boat on the goodwill that quality interaction with your community and the big ‘give’ will add to your business.