Even I have to admit, this seems like a pretty weird kind of a celebration. Isn’t it amazing that even a year ago, social media was still seemingly on the edges of legitimacy? And now we have people all over the world who are expressing themselves creatively via Blogs and (less so) Twitter, we have movies dedicated to the art form such as Julie and Julia.  It’s not really a gender-biased medium, in much the same way that radio is faceless and all can enjoy equally. Social media is a creativity joy joy free for all!

Of course, business both small and large have jumped on as well. Business blogging is good and immersive when done well – and terrible when merely done with lipservice. Ruby Assembly Consultants are amazed at how swiftly their own business has grown, assisting small business really connect with their communities. It sounds cheesy, but we achieve this by never choosing to pay lip service to our writing. We want to write beautiful, funny, genuine and interesting stories to engage the readers of our blogs. Regardless of whether we are writing for flower shops, art galleries or estate agents – we achieve the aim set out by true use of Social Media.

So hip hip hooray for Social Media Day (and just quietly… for us 🙂 )