Ruby Assembly Consultants are proud to introduce one of the most innovative new brands in Queensland – Habitat Property. Headed up by Director Cheraine Milburn, this unique business focuses on selling property for developers to investors.

Cheraine has a dynamic outlook and a true point of difference – Habitat property was created with a key goal in mind – to help fund housing in Australia.

As Cheraine says on her website ‘ We are big believers in the 80/20 rule – otherwise known as the “Pareto Principle” – where 20% of the world has 80% of the resources, and have therefore pledged the following: Buy or sell your property through Habitat property and we will donate 20% of the commission to Habitat for Humanity Australia‘.

I am proud to be working alongside Cheraine, who couples her exceptional business and sales skills with in-depth research for her investors – and tops it all off with karma creative donations to a great charity.

Watch this space for Habitat Property’s new blog!

Inset – Gorgeous Cheraine, Director of Habitat Property