If you are blogging for your own business, it can be a tricky thing to write fresh material every day that isn’t brand-centric (thus boring your clients) and is still exciting and relevant to you.

There are some businesses that do online blogging for businesses – but they provide the same information to all companies. This sux. Why would your fans and blog-readers want to read your information if it isn’t authentic- if it is just some corporate feed? The same can be said of iphone apps.

I love my iphone. In fact, sometimes I feel like I am addicted. Apps ie the Victorias Secret may have a cursory interest because of brand affiliation. But ultimately, what benefit does it give to the user? These kind of apps swiftly get put on the backburner, then not updated… and then replaced by the user with some equally cute, ‘of the minute’ app.

Don’t let your blog become like a useless app – initially interesting because of the promise of brand interaction – but ultimately useless, and just another way of ‘selling’.

You might have noticed a trend on Facebook with ‘groups’. Businesses can have a Facebook presence (if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon). Two popular ones in the area of a couple of my estate agent clients include the ‘I Love Fitzroy’ and ‘I Love Carlton’ sites. These have really taken off. Clever businesses in these neighbourhoods make a point of interacting with these Facebook groups to get their name in front of new subscribers.

So – let’s get local. What do you know about your community? Who can you business assist by working with them ‘online’?

Two of the clients I currently represent have a brilliant community focus. They get much of their business from local communities – and I am sure that if you look where your business originates from – the local community or referral will often be the source.

I encourage you to enjoy their business and strong community focus – as well as the hard work done by Ruby Assembly Consultants for them.

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