You might reckon i’m crazy but I just hosted and organised my 10 year reunion. Apparently, this is something that would make a range of people shudder. Lots of people hate reunions, seeing people that they were only really linked to because of a (sometimes traumatic) highschool experience.

Au contraire mon frere. I attended Tintern AGGS in Ringwood East. I am one of those rare folks who really loved highschool. I wasn’t what you’d call cool, but despite this I wasn’t shunned either. Our year level wasn’t particularly bitchy, and as such I have never felt any anxiety about seeing all the girls again. So I decided to organise the 10 year reunion. It was held at the Royal Saxon Hotel who were very accommodating.

It was a wonderful meeting! I got to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen for yonks, and others that I might see once a year at Christmas drinks. These young women do a range of jobs, and have a variety of different life experiences. Some of this ladies (like myself) are small business women, soon to become ‘Ruby Assembly Sistas’. This is a networking initiative via Ruby Assembly Consultants where small businesswomen can go on a referral register for quality services. If you would like to be involved in this fabulous network, please make sure to email me

Some notable business to watch out for is Merryn Hailes’ very successful Recruit2Retail which specializes in recruitment across Australian retail.

Another brilliant business you’ll be hearing more about is Olivia Doherty’s Livfit personal training. She is fit and inspiring!

This is a shoutout to all of you who might shrink at ‘networking’ events like school reunions etc. It can be really beneficial to you (and whatever group you think you can assist with your business) to go out on a limb, re-connect with some old associates and see where you can connect your future endeavours.

Ruby love!