Ruby Slipper Consultants – Now Offering Floorplan Artwork!

I am very pleased to say that the growing enterprise of Ruby Slipper Agent Services now has another arm to assist your business.

Now not only do we offer top caliber copywriting to set your listings apart from the crowd, we also offer you a floorplanning service.

That’s right – now you can take care of two important facets of your on-line property marketing in one call. Ruby Slipper Consultants will soon be offering a complete agent service with photography also. Just watch this space!

Our new floorplanner is the highly experienced Claire Skewes of Open Places floorplanning. Her floorplans are not in any way like the old-fashioned black and white no-dimensions drudgery of yore. She includes gorgeous tonal colors, room sizes and garden icons to enrich your purchaser’s online experience. Claire is easy to work with, and her back catalogue of work includes time at the renowned imageination workshop.

To book Ruby Slipper Consultants Copywriting & Floorplanning services, please do contact Iolanthe –


2 thoughts

    • Hi Cheraine,
      No, we work in conjunction with Open Places who do floorplans for developers in NSW also. Gorgeous work, very illustrative and dynamic. I will email you her details.

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